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Yolanda is the current Co-Director of the Pee-Posh Project.

While doing research on Pee-Posh pottery, along the way

Yolanda Hart Stevens name came up and she was given the title "potter".

Although she speaks of pottery with a passion, Yolanda has made only one vessel.

Even though she does not make pottery, Yolanda is multi-talented.

Her beadwork and clothing designs are exquisite.

Yolanda incorporates hand-made beads by potters Dorothea Sunn Avery and Jaylee Miles into the masterpieces you see below:



and even matching earrings......


Recently, Yolanda started making her own pottery beads:



 Click here to see more beadwork by Yolanda Hart Stevens


A Sample of Yolanda's clothing designs:

This piece displays Yolanda's family symbol.

A very multi-talented artist, Yolanda also carves antler into very detailed

masterpieces such as the above feather, decorated with a very fine, ornately designed

beadwork handle.


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